Customize Your Fit!

Our shirts and dresses are designed to be worn two ways: 
1. Wrapped
2. Not Wrapped
Each garment has 3 pink buttons and two blue buttonholes that serve as your twisting & wrapping guides.  

For a (more) Fitted Wrap:

Step 1:  Take the pink button on the outside, front placket of the shirt and button it through the blue buttonhole located on the inside left seam (just above the care label).

*Please note that when using the inside buttonhole for the first time, it will feel tight.  The buttonhole will naturally give with each use.

Step 2:  Go back to the front placket. Take the outside, navy buttonhole and attach it to either one of the two pink buttons on the outer, right hand side of the shirt.

For a (more) relaxed Wrap:

Skip Step 1.  Go straight to Step 2.

Follow these steps to incorporate our adjustable button strap:

  • Attach the buttonhole on the end of the strap to the pink button on the front placket of your shirt.
  • Use any of the 5 buttons on the strap and button one thru the blue buttonhole located on the inside of the shirt at the side seam (just above the care label).


The Adjustable Button Strap

Located on the inside of your shirt is a button extension strap and it allows you create a twist that is unique to you.  It also eliminates any "pull" caused from the "wrap" being too tight.   

We are reinventing your basics.  Buy less, buy better.